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575 worldwide members of our football programmes collectors group can’t be wrong https://t.co/3skhTy1Bh9 – post about your fav programmes — Matchday Memories (@matchdaymemory) November 28, 2013   Take a look at our new Football History group on facebook. Loads on interesting people & places https://t.co/Z5UyX7BKor — Matchday Memories (@matchdaymemory) November 28, 2013  

Secret Santa Gifts & Ideas

We have loads of items ideal for your secret santa gift this Christmas. here’s some of them and some reason why football memorabilia makes a great gift. Football magazines – We have sold many football magazines as gifts, often people buy a magazines that was issued on the week or month of a birthday date… Continue reading

MDM Discount Groups

One thing we have always been keen to do is to encourage collectors to be loyal to our site. We try to maintain the best possible level of service while offering quality items at a fair price. That’s great for the gift buyer who may not visit our site even more than once but if… Continue reading

Care Of Football Memorabilia Part One

Ok, so you’ve decided why you want to collect football memorabilia and you’ve decided what you want to collect, perhaps you’ve already started buying but what next ? We are going to talk about storage, care and displaying of football memorabilia. But first let’s qualify one thing, we’ll not be talking museum quality containers and… Continue reading